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Size 3 oz


Waiū is the Hawaiian word for milk. I quickly learned as a mother all of the wonderful benefits milk has on the skin which sparked the inspiration for CoCo Waiū. Our plant based version is the perfect rescue for a day in the sun or when your skin needs a quick burst of nutrients. The power of nourishing plant milk combined with lotus extract and watermelon are an exceptional way to revamp dry, lackluster skin. CoCo Waiū is guaranteed to make every bath a little more luxurious.

CoCo Waiū

  • CoCo Waiū gives a burst of nutrients to revive worn out skin. Designed to help skin recover after a day in the sun, nutrient rich Lotus Extract and Watermelon provide essential vitamins and minerals while coconut and oat milk soothe and hydrate.


    Lotus Extract 

    • Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, providing excellent defense against free radicals which speed up signs of aging
    • Excellent at hydrating skin due to high mineral content such as potassium
    • Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and swelling


    Watermelon Powder

    • Another powerhouse of vitamin C, a powerful free radical fighter
    • High in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant great for sun damaged skin
    • Assists with cell regeneration


    Niacinimide (Vitamin B-3)

    • Essential vitamin for healthy skin cell production
    • Can assist in forming a ceramide (lipid) barrier which helps skin retain moisture, excellent for mature skin and conditions like eczema
    • Rebuilds healthy skin cells that help protect against oxidative stress and UV damage
    • Increases collagen production, a vital protein for healthy skin
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